We worked with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) - the official governing body for men's tennis worldwide to help them reach new audiences.

Emirates Airline & ATP

Emirates Airlines sponsored the ATP World Tour Race to London. We transformed the way Emirates used the ATP’s content to engage the audiences and promote the brand.

Growth strategy

We created ad campaigns based on the latest news topics, driving traffic from both general news, and tennis-specific sports sites to the branded content. The strategy was to identify opportunities to promote the brand on high traffic sites, generating millions of impressions in just a day or two for a very low CPM.

Marketing channels

Having tested campaigns for UFC on a number of social and display networks over time, we identified channels that were best suited for particular objectives. For this campaign, Facebook and Instagram were identified as the channels that would yield the best return on investment. By using both Facebook and Instagram, we ensured content would reach both existing fans and a wider audience of people who may be interested in the fight.

UFC 229 was one of the biggest fights in UFC history, and with such high expectations, fans were looking forward to a big show. Our expectations for the campaign were also high, and results did not disappoint!

  • Generated 80 million impressions delivered in just one weekend.
  • Average CPM reduction greater than 50%.

Intelligent, Data-driven Solutions for Sports

Reduce costs per click

Improved targeting and superior ad quality drives more clicks, which platforms reward with lower costs per click.

Engage more fans

Exclusive footage combined with smarter targeting delivers more interesting sports content to fans at scale.

Stop wasting money

We eliminate low performers, refine targeting, and reduce CPCs to save you money, while increasing viewership and sales.

Improve conversion rates

Testing and refining ad copy, landing pages, and conversion paths to eliminate barriers, grows sales per user.

Reach more customers

Mining data allows us to identify new avenues to acquire fans or increase ticket and merchandise sales, while minimising risks.

Earn fan loyalty

Devise smarter marketing strategies that your fans value without seeming intrusive or irritating.

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