The Beach House Marbella restaurant thrives in a very competitive market, where a great location and delicious food alone aren't enough to attract tourists.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO service helps the Beach House target a wider audience of tourists transforming the business from "the nearest restaurant on the beach" to a destination worth travelling to.

Recreating The Experience

Beautiful photography, tantalising descriptions, and excellent visitor reviews were harnessed to recreate the experience of lying on the beach, sipping a cold beverage, on the Google search page.

Technical SEO

Behind the scenes, our technical SEO expertise helped the Beach House reach a much wider audience by obtaining higher organic rankings for a wider range of search terms, targeting users beyond the immediate vicinity.

Local Citations

Rounding off the content and technical SEO aspects, we ensured local citations - the Google Maps equivalent of backlinks - lent authority to the Beach House, further boosting their search presence.

In addition to creating a stunning organic search presence for the brand, we helped raise the online profile and drove many more visitors to the site.

Moreover, our Google My Business (local search) listing receives 1,130% more views than similar businesses.

In the past, most users who found the Beach House online were specifically looking for the brand. Now, 61.8% of users discover the listing online. This represents a 300% lift in brand presence.
Compared to two years ago, the local search coverage for the restaurant has grown 9 times wider. The listing is now widely delivered to users in a 50.1km radius.
21% of observed customers visited the physical business location more than once in the past quarter, representing a fantastically high rate of conversion from search to restaurant visits.

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