We worked with Hargreaves Lansdown's marketing, content, and developer teams to improve their organic search visibility.

SEO consulting

A comprehensive optimisation strategy helped the UK financial services provider develop a search friendly site structure and target visitors searching for a wide variety of search queries ranging from financial products to stock quotes.

Keyword Mapping for SEO

With thousands of pages, and a wide range of content on the site, hl.co.uk needed to be optimised for the right keywords. We created a comprehensive keyword map pairing target keywords to the correct pages within the website, and identifying content gaps where new pages needed to be built.

Website SEO Audit

We audited the entire website in depth, and consulted Hargreaves Lansdown's in-house team on ways to improve their organic search presence. The detailed website analysis identified optimisation pitfalls; we provided recommendations to resolve all issues, and supported the in-house team implementing SEO changes.

SEO Training

On-site SEO training sessions were provided over the course of a week, to equip the in-house marketing, content, and technical teams to resolve current issues and establish best practices when creating new content.

The entire site was made search friendly, ensuring Google indexes all pages. Obtained first page rankings on a number of key search terms, leading to a net increase in traffic to the site.

Intelligent, Data-driven Solutions for Financial Services

Reduce costs per click

Improved targeting and superior ad quality drives more clicks, which platforms reward with lower costs per click.

Engage more prospects

Personalised messaging combined with smarter targeting delivers more interesting content to prospects at scale.

Stop wasting money

We eliminate low performers, refine audience targeting, and reduce cost per click to save you money.

Improve conversion rates

Testing and refining ad copy, landing pages, and conversion paths to eliminate barriers, grows sales per user.

Reach more clients

Mining external data allows us to identify new avenues to grow your business, while minimising risks.

Earn customer loyalty

Devise smarter marketing strategies that your clients value rather without seeming intrusive or irritating.

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